This is all about B2B sales.


This is all about B2B sales.

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Author: Stephan Kober

Business customer sales is a world of its own. In our Infothek you will find just about everything concerning B2B sales: general definitions of terms, basics and tips and impulses for successful sales.

Again, I’m all for plain speaking: don’t expect a blog post to provide a comprehensive solution to your specific problem. Our projects are always tailor-made for our customers. Therefore, these texts can be used here for browsing – but suitable solutions for companies are always discussed individually.

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Providers of sales training or sales training courses can be found in abundance on the Internet. Honestly, dear seeker, I would not like to be in your shoes. How can you distinguish between windy trainings and well-founded, honest methods that have been tried and tested in B2B sales?

And one more thing, since I prefer plain text: of course this text is also search engine optimized – otherwise you wouldn’t have found it. However, we have endeavored to formulate it in a clever and informative manner despite – or rather because of – this.

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