The right communication mix makes all the difference!

Hybrid Selling can be used to sell more at higher prices in B2B sales.

This is achieved, among other things, through highly professional, hybrid communication with our business customers and those who are to become business customers.
American communication researchers (Patrick B. O’Sullivan and Caleb T. Carr) have developed an extremely useful model for this purpose, which we can use as a good basis for B2B sales: The “Masspersonal Communication Model”.

The smart salesperson in the B2B environment combines different communication channels in a sensible way to positively surprise customers and to turn prospects into buying customers.

This post including the video should enable you to find out the right combination for yourself in the jungle of manifold communication options (online or on-site | synchronous or asynchronous).

When to use in B2B sales:

  • LinkedIn: text and image postings

  • LinkedIn: Videos
  • LinkedIn: personal direct contact with potential customers
  • YouTube videos
  • Personalized customized videos

  • Webinars

  • E-mail newsletter (without advertising – with useful content)

  • Phone

  • Video calls

  • Chats

  • Letters

  • On-site presentations to target audiences (association meetings, etc.)

  • On-site customer visits

The range of possible communication methods has increased rapidly in recent years. Modern salespeople create their own pragmatic communication matrix and determine when to use which medium.

Who would like to receive the source to study sends me a message.


Three key requirements for success in digital sales are:

Hardware, software and skills.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: a considerable number of salespeople still work with webcams whose image quality suggests that the person in front of them is either seriously ill or has a newborn baby at home who doesn’t sleep through the night. Good equipment is a prerequisite for success in digital sales. Procurement must be pushed – even against resistance from internal IT / purchasing or whoever else can think of counterarguments. Some of these come from corners of the company that you would otherwise never hear about.

Skills: Presenting via the camera in a rousing manner and at the same time building a bond with the interviewee does not fall from the sky as a skill. We truly don’t have to become TV stars or actors – that would even be detrimental. But the confident look into the camera, the use of different presentation media and methods to increase interaction are a must – if the customer is not to look exactly like the example from point 1 after 30 minutes.

Yes, it takes courage to simply behave authentically in front of the camera either for video conferences or even for short, customized videos. In other words, behaving as if you were talking to the customer on the spot – and not as if you were presenting your first paper in front of class 1b. Sounds simple, it’s not rocket science either, but it needs to be practiced and it takes some courage in the first rounds – especially if you don’t want to fall into the usual “I’m going to share my screen now, can you see my PowerPoint?” sleep mode.

I am very proud of the companies I know that have long understood this and are equipping their teams for the now and the future in B2B sales. Good luck to everyone else – they’re going to need it.

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