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Stephan Kober

Author |Speaker | Sales Trainer

What I extinguish voluntarily, I ignite in hybrid B2B sales: fire!

Increase sales and revenue with business customers with strategy, training and enjoyment in B2B sales - through the right combination of on-site and digital customer contacts

About me in a nutshell:

My books:

"Sales is the decisive area in the company. That's where the customer decides whether your company is ailing, mediocre or authoritative."

As a Keynote Speaker...

…congress organizers and executives benefit from effective and stimulating presentations. You won’t see a standard presentation from me – I love my role as an activating speaker. In doing so, I ignite the will and the fiery inner motivation in conference participants during the presentation to implement impulses – live on-site, digitally or as a “hybrid” event format.

As an author...

… I provide bosses and salespeople with crucial knowledge for companies in B2B sales so that they are always one step ahead. As an active firefighter, I have something against “dry reading.” Reading can also be fun. I combine sales efficiency with the joy of selling and address the relevant topics in B2B sales.

As a trainer...

… I deliver trainings and seminars for managers and sales people to achieve sales increases, more new customers and better results in the team. My goal is to train salespeople and their bosses to become successful sales experts. Their outstanding performance then makes them one of the most recognized figures in the industry. Training formats: as a face-to-face event, via “blended learning” or 100% virtual.

What my customers & the press say

Christian Roß, Sales Manager Germany, Ruthmann GmbH / Co. KG

"Take clear announcements, fiery sales impulses, a wacky delivery style and a breeze of madness. Kober is a joy to listen to and makes a tremendous difference."

Die 99 besten Wirtschaftsbücher

"In this respect, Stephan Kober's book is indeed a liberating blow: it shows that sales can also be done differently. sympathetic, human, pleasant and honest.

A really good book that I wish many readers from the sales environment!"


"He knows what he's talking about when it comes to fire and cheering teams on and rallying them to a goal."

Dr. Rudolf Konwitschny

"Kober activates - the slogan is also program in his lectures. The content has been very useful to me."

Dr. Wojtek Dziechciejewski, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

"Stephan Kober is my ambassador of fascination for sales."

"His talk is a guaranteed key experience for discovering new sales channels!"

Arno Kalbus, Vertriebsleiter, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH (TecDax)

"Kober's presentations are bringing about a mind shift, a paradigm shift in sales and throughout the company."

Wieland Zürner

"Finally, a lecture that not only inspires, but actually activates proverbially. Thank you!"

Very well-founded knowledge is imparted, coupled with Westphalian humor and plain-speaking statements. An advanced training that was a lot of fun, brings a high benefit with it and offers an absolutely good price-performance ratio! Highly recommended!

    Experience me in action as a speaker and trainer

    Trailer for my book "Fire and Flame for Sales".

    Latest blog posts

    As a multiple award-winning speaker, author andtrainer, my clients refer to me as an expert in B2B sales. My clients are congress organizers, medium-sized companies, world market leaders as well as TecDAX companies.

    I am a silver award winner of the European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching 2015/2016 (BDVT) and combine two decades of B2B sales experience with an MBA degree from a renowned English university.

    As an “attack squad leader” I am active in the volunteer fire department. My listeners and readers feel that: What I put out on a voluntary basis, I ignite on stage and in sales: Fire!

    Who am I right for?

    Klartext helps in collaboration – whether as a book author, speaker or sales coach. You can find the people I inspire with my books, lectures and trainings on the left side. You will find the ones that I bring into “thinking ahead” by provocative statements on the right side of the page.

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