Stephan Kober

Increase sales and earnings, reduce selling costs.

Activating sales training courses and fiery presentations transform sales opportunities into profitable turnover.

Stephan Kober

Sales and earnings
sales costs

Activating sales training and
fiery lectures turn
sales opportunities into profitable turnover

I am a sales trainer, speaker and book author

I am a sales trainer, speaker and book author

More than double customer contact frequency in business customer sales1, minimize travel time and costs: this can be achieved through a smart combination of on-site and digital communication with decision-makers: It is called Hybrid Selling2!

At Kober aktiviert, we ensure that B2B-Sales teams sell more at higher prices.

1Schmitz, C., Huckemann, D. M., Ergun, D., & Hohmann, M. (2021). Hybrid Selling: Increased sales productivity through synchronized on-site and online visits. Sales Management Department.
2Fraccastoro, S., Gabrielsson, M., & Pullins, E. B. (2021). The integrated use of social media, digital, and traditional communication tools in the B2B sales process of international SMEs. International Business Review, 30(4), 101776.

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Stephan Kober …

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Stephan Kober
About me

  • Book author | Speaker | Sales trainer

  • Research topic of my currently running part-time doctorate: “Digital customer communication in B2B sales organizations”.

  • Experience from more than 3,000 lectures, keynotes and trainings

  • Guest author in numerous trade media Press section
  • Multiple awards as a speaker and trainer

  • Lecture and training language: German and English

  • Get to know my team or read more details about my background

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Experience as trainer, speaker and coach
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Sales training


Book author

Sell more at higher prices

“Kober activated” – the name says it all

Sales knowledge in a nutshell

The smart combination of on-site and digital customer communication allows you to reach and convince more decision-makers.

Increase your sales power through activating presentations with powerful impulses.

Knowledge and implementation determine the edge in sales. My books revolve around inner drive, plain speaking, implementation strength and digitalization in B2B sales.


Sales training

Sell more at higher prices

The smart combination of on-site and digital customer communication allows you to reach more decision-makers.

Coupled with joy and fire in sales improves results.


“Kober activated” – the name says it all

Increase your sales power through activating presentations with powerful impulses

Book author

Sales knowledge in a nutshell

Knowledge and implementation determine the edge in sales. My books revolve around inner drive, plain speaking, strength of implementation and digitalization in B2B sales.

Case studies

Industry: Mechanical engineering

  • Task:

Increase in new customer sales in the machine class up to 40 tons. Specifically, the task was to profitably increase market share through new customer acquisition, competitive displacement and value-added argumentation. This was done in an extremely competitive market environment with high market transparency and machines with highly comparable specifications. The development of the sales team in the area of “online and on-site communication” with B2B customers was the main focus.

  • Result:

Number of new customer contacts multiplied in 6 months, volume of offers to new customers increased by a high six-figure figure, accompanied by a significant increase in the quotation-to-order completion rate. The work in sales became more successful as a result of the training. The employees as well as the leadership and management of the company achieve goals faster – without standardized coaching, but with sales trainers who individually address the participants and their sales areas.

KOBcast – the podcast for salespeople and their bosses who want to use hybrid selling in business sales to sell more at higher prices to stunned customers. Increase your sales skills – online and in-between. For on the go, during sports or wherever.

Customer testimonials

„Every sales manager who wants to move his team forward in terms of motivation, quality and results should let Stephan Kober activate him.“

„It pulls you along and activates you in the truest sense of the word. He and his team use a modular program to teach proven and new digital tools for high-quality, success-oriented sales work. The combination of tools is ideal.

The methodology is characterized by high interaction. Through active task setting
the transfer of knowledge is ensured in the long term.

Choosing this training from „Kober Activates“ is very valuable for our company.“

„Stephan Kober brings everything the customer expects from an excellent sales trainer: his own sales experience from practice, crystal-clear analysis, convincing didactics and stirring rhetoric: highly recommended!“

„With your lively and entertaining guest lecture „Fire and Flame for Sales“, you „ignited“ the participants of the EUROBAUSTOFF Conference 2023 in Frankfurt.“

„With your practical and amusing examples from private, professional and fire department everyday life, you aroused enthusiasm and passion for sales and selling.

We all went home inspired.“

„Coaches like you want them to be!!!
In my life, I’ve had the privilege of taking some training related to customer acquisition, how to deal with customers, how to be self-reflective, and what are the most important topics in a conversation.“

„What I have been able to experience here has surpassed anything that has gone before.
„>Mr. Kober is responsive to the people, activates to participate and reassures with highly interesting training methods that everyone has also understood everything.

,,Mr. Kober, please activate more and more people!“

„Stephan Kober has internalized sales and his trainings are an asset to anyone who is in contact with people.“

„If you get two participants to sit in the car for 500km as early as 06:30 in the morning just to not miss any (online!) seminar unit, probably everything is said. Top content mix, excellent practical relevance.“


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