Online seminar on the

Digitalisierung im B2B-Vertrieb

Hybrid Selling Masterclass – the new way of customer communication

The Hybrid Selling Masterclass:

Increases sales & earnings
| saves time | increases efficiency
Seminar 100% online, live and interactive

Sales Digitization – Hybrid Selling

Everything important about the seminar at a glance


  • 3.300 € plus VAT per participant

  • Participation in the interactive digital sales seminar

  • Member of the seminar chat group for three months after the seminar for networking and exchange of experiences

  • Online participant documents

  • Certificate (after online final exam)

  • Reference book: “Digitalization in B2B Sales” – Springer Gabler Verlag. Author: Stephan Kober

  • Textbook: “Klartext im Vertrieb” – Springer Gabler Verlag. Author: Stephan Kober

Duration & Content

  • Duration: 6 half training days á four hours

  • You know and master all relevant digital tools that are necessary and effective for a professional and efficient buying process with B2B customers – for more sales with less time spent
  • You learn the “sales of the art” digital sales, which means: to present online and on-site so that prospects become customers

  • With an excellent, hybrid sales process, you massively increase your chances of standing out from the competition – and achieving higher prices

For whom?

  • Saleswomen- and men in B2B-sales

  • Business Development Manager

  • Key Account Manager

  • Area Sales Manager

  • Sales Engineers

  • Sales Manager

  • Team leader sales

  • Sales Representative

  • All those who are in personal contact with customers

For what? The added value of the seminar

  • Higher sales & revenue: Through the effective and convincing combination of digital and on-site communication, you convince your B2B customers that you are the right provider – even with higher prices.

  • Higher sales efficiency: more customer contacts in the same amount of time

  • Increasing closing ratio: You achieve more interaction with the customer during the sales process by intelligently combining personal “on-site” with virtual communication. For example, you transfer more quotes into orders through a virtual quote meeting with the customer.

  • Higher market shares in the sales area through digital acquisition of new customers and by means of your own, individual digital sales strategy (without PowerPoint!)

  • High reputation among customers through professional application of the latest methods in digital customer communication

  • Expand network and exchange experience within the training group so that the transfer of theory into practice for successful digitisation in sales quickly brings joy and measurable results

  • Time-saving and efficient: no travel hassle

  • Live exercises: Even salespeople learn best in practice – we practice the digital sales conversation to positively amaze B2B customers

  • The dovetailing of sales and marketing:lead management, the presence in social media, the sensible use of the CRM system – digitalisation

In this video, I show why it is obligatory for management and salespeople in the B2B environment to give the topic of digitalisation in sales the highest priority:

Digitalisation of sales
Contents of the digital sales seminar

  • The most important tools in digital B2B sales and corporate communication and: the new “customer journey” in the context of digitalisation in sales
  • Impulses for deciding and selecting the tools in customer communication that are important for B2B sales for your company
  • You create your own digital communication strategy
  • After the module, you will know all the digital communication tools relevant for B2B sales.
  • You have a clear basis for decision-making and all relevant information on which sales tools are relevant and effective for use in your company’s practice in order to quickly and pragmatically tackle the challenges of digitization in sales.
  • The roadmap for rapid implementation within the company – even against internal resistance

  • Conduct professional and effective videoconferences and online meetings with clients
  • The correctly dosed and effective use of social media in B2B sales
  • After the module, you will be able to create a pragmatic roadmap on how to consistently implement new methods within the company for more success in sales & distribution.
  • You will master necessary basics to conduct video conferences with customers in a professional manner. Zoom” and “Teams” are used as a basis, but you can use the procedure for any video conferencing system.
  • Quick and easy creation of short, individual and effective videos for the client
  • The time-saving use of real-time appointment retrieval systems
  • After the module, you will be able to produce short, fast, and high-quality videos for your customers – and increase close rates because you differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Save time and achieve more customer contacts in the same time through a structured approach to acquiring target customers
  • The sales process: convince customers effectively and with plain language and increase closing rates
  • Making the right decisions: When do I go to the customer and when do I get in touch virtually?
  • Your own sales podcast: A waste of time or a unique selling proposition within the digital sales and marketing strategy?
  • Brain-friendly and interest-generating forms of presentation to the customer
  • Exam: To what extent has this online training helped you in digital development?
  • After the module …
  • … further enhance your reputation within your clientele.
  • …you will receive your certificate after successfully passing the exam.
  • How to intelligently combine on-site appointments with virtual customer appointments to save travel time while strengthening customer relationships
  • Questioning techniques to comprehensively explore customer motives for a convincing offer presentation (virtual or on-site)
  • Price objection treatment – for higher yields
  • Closing techniques – for higher closing rates

Things to know about the seminar

  • Well-founded and field-tested methods of authentic, virtual customer communication, seminar without sales truisms and platitudes

  • 100% for practice: Exclusively content and methods that can be immediately applied in B2B sales practice.

  • During and after the seminar, you will know and master the entire repertoire of contemporary, virtual communication in B2B sales. Any talented salesperson can become a digital communication expert with this course

  • Already during the seminar, you put the contents into practice with exercises for digital sales between the modules in your practice

  • Exercises are presented online between modules and can be accessed at any time from any location for implementation in practice. You can always visualise your personal learning progress. No paperwork, no long searches for the right documents.

  • Suitable for “digital natives” but especially for those who have sold “classically” for decades and now want to digitise access to the customer/prospective customer in addition to the on-site conversation.

  • Interaction and know-how transfer between the modules and after the seminar: Since tricky questions usually only come up when they are applied in practice, the modular structure is valuable: between the modules, the participants define important tasks for themselves. Questions that arise can be clarified at the next module or immediately within the internal training chat group. This provides participants with maximum effectiveness in applying the new knowledge in practice, even in the face of greater challenges.

Things to know about the coach

  • Multiple book author at Springer Gabler Verlag

  • Master of Business Administration (University of Surrey), research topic of the currently running part-time doctorate: “Digitalisation in B2B Sales”.

  • B2B sales expert: Two decades of B2B sales experience, from field sales representative to executive with nine-figure sales responsibility to award-winning sales trainer with proven successes

  • Multiple awards as speaker and trainer (Top Speaker Award | Silver Winner European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching 2015/2016)

  • Lecture and training language: German and English

  • Guest author in numerous trade media (press publications)

  • Author of the book “Digitalization in B2B Sales – Improving Results with Digital Tools – Impulses for Decision and Implementation”.

“Stephan Kober is my ambassador of fascination for sales.”

Dr. Wojtek Dziechciejewski, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

“All in all a great added value and you get used to your flamethrower ego very quickly ;-). Thanks again, never had such an exciting training session.”

Stefan T.

Very well-founded knowledge is imparted, coupled with Westphalian humor and plain-speaking statements. An advanced training that was a lot of fun, brings a high benefit with it and offers an absolutely good price-performance ratio! Highly recommended!

Sarah Roelandt

“I can recommend Stephan Kober to anyone. He not only provides support with digital tools, but always sees them in the specific sales context.”

Brigitte Musché, Sales Manager , INNOkart GmbH

“Attendees at our annual meeting asked me where we located this top-notch speaker!”

Europäischer Verband Lifestyle

Heike Tscherwinka, Managing Director, Europäischer Verband Lifestyle

“His trainings bring us forward in B2B sales!”

Wieland Zürner, Sales Manager, Siepmann Works

Your digital sales training

Eight reasons why this online seminar is worthwhile

Every single module is 100 per cent designed to increase efficiency and effectiveness in B2B sales as well as the pleasure of working with the customer. Inflationary terms such as “customer journey”, “digital sales”, “digital transformation in sales”, “smart data”, “big data”, “lead generation” or “digitalisation in B2B sales and marketing” are clearly explained and their beneficial use in practice is presented. This is followed by practical ways to apply useful digital tools in such a way that customers are delighted and end up selling more products and services at higher prices. All methods do not stop at theoretical presentation, but each individual element is trained on real examples in practice. It combines classic sales training with the most important methods from the world of digital communication, also to massively increase the efficiency of (digital) sales processes and to positively change clearly defined success factors. This training will bring you a decisive step forward in the area of planning, coordination, implementation and optimisation of digital dialogue and virtual conversation with your customers.
Studies show that the upper quartile of entrepreneurial virtual pioneers achieve a factor of five (!) higher turnover growth and at the same time 25 % higher productivity in sales. In the future, no company will be able to avoid the use of digital possibilities in sales communication. This online seminar offers you a massive head start on many others who believe that you can still take your time with this topic. 6 out of 10 decision-makers in B2B sales firmly believe that digitalisation will be decisive for sales success now and in the future, but at the same time about the same number still have no plan as to what the implementation in their own sales practice should look like in concrete terms. This phenomenon can also be found in management. This seminar, among others, solves exactly this problem. Introduce sales communication benchmarks in your industry and streamline your sales processes. The fact that not everything will be digital in the future, but that “classic human-to-human” conversations will also take place, is taken into account by training the intelligent combination of digital and analogue communication. This is independent of your function in sales. You will be able to find desired customers more quickly, know how to use CRM systems, such as the CRM system. Get Salesforce or Hubspot right.
Gone are the days of frontal sound reinforcement. Ich habe Erfahrung aus mehr als 3.000 Trainings und Vorträgen. In the online sales training, the latest web-based technologies are also used to facilitate the transfer of knowledge into practice quickly and easily. You will noticeably increase your competences in B2B sales communication with the customer. The seminar is a digital communication training.
If the participant cannot attend a maximum of two dates, we will make the recording of the missed training available to you for one week, subject to copyright and our General Terms and Conditions. The seminars can also be conducted as in-house training.
The seminar fee enables us to manage completely without financially supporting partners. Every digital tool is therefore examined critically, advantages and disadvantages are presented independently and the best possible use is trained. We do not allow ourselves to be sponsored by any GmbH, AG or other corporations or partnerships or other projects.
Two decades of experience in B2B sales, as a manager and “live on the front line”, have washed me clean. In this training I show which tools are superfluous and which are effective and successful to convince and amaze existing and potential customers in the rough world of B2B sales practice. Your time is very well invested here. In addition, you will receive the latest sales-relevant information on the state of the art of science on digital channels, as I am currently doing my doctorate in parallel on the topic of “Digital Customer Communication in B2B Sales”. Companies trust us because we not only “keep up” with digitalisation in sales, but actively explore new ways to amaze B2B customers via digital sales. This way you will find the right prospects – and they will become customers much more often. In addition, clear digital sales processes, which are also part of the training, help. The dovetailing of marketing and sales is also an important component in the training modules.

Participants receive a certificate after successfully passing the exam, which is useful for career advancement. If the course participant finds that the seminar is not right for him or her, participation can be cancelled up to the 2nd seminar module. The seminar fee will then be refunded in full. Don’t worry: you can expect no “chakka” rhetoric.

In order to participate fully in the training sessions, we recommend at least the following equipment:

  • Current PC, notebook or Mac
  • Headset or headphones with microphone
  • Webcam with 1080 P resolution

If you are not yet sure whether this seminar is right for you, we can arrange a short virtual appointment. To do so, simply log on to with the subject “Virtual appointment digital training”.


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