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Stephan Kober

Book author | Speaker | Sales trainer

Powerful B2B sales are based on a clear battle plan, a team that is "willing" and "able," a confident combination of analog and virtual customer communication, and good organization.

"Stephan Kober is my ambassador for the fascination of sales".

Dr. Wojtek Dziechciejewski

About me

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Training and event formats

The “face-to-face” training: live, powerful and still an event format that creates high impact. Concrete exercises as well as the creation of sales strategies still succeed best through training and workshops where people can look each other in the eye.

The “blended learning” format is already standard today and impresses with the combination of advantages from both worlds: The high interaction and practical content of classroom training and the efficiency and effectiveness of virtual training methods. In contrast to the hybrid, we work here with prefabricated videos that can be worked through regardless of time.

This training variant is new. I conduct a live training with some participants on-site. This training is streamed in real time via video conferencing software, so that other participants are included in the training who are not in the seminar room – but somewhere in the world. Nevertheless, the participants who are not present can be interactively involved in the training, because they see and hear me – and I see and hear them.

What was considered impossible before “Corona” is now common practice among innovative providers of continuing education: training content live and interactively virtually. Even with online seminars lasting several hours, it is possible to keep the interest of the training participants at a constantly high level from the first to the last minute through clever didactics and methodology. In this way, the transfer into practice is also successful here.

The virtual training sessions offer a number of other benefits:

– The sales team is not taken out of the business by the day. Sales losses due to absence are reduced

– Contents are trained in smaller units, this ensures higher transfer into the practice of the participants

– Location independence provides further flexibility and cost savings for venues

The STAKKATO model

With joy, fire and expertise to measurably better results in B2B sales

Both my speeches as a keynote speaker and the sales training program “STAKKATO” that I developed revolve around one central point: How do you improve your sales performance in order to always be the No. 1 in the market for your customers? How can the sales department be supported by the right sales training …

  • … better understand the problems and important issues of customers – also through an open, honest and structured needs analysis?
  • … improve the quality of sales talks, so that after a successful conversation the customer has the information and impulses that noticeably help him in his work?
  • … clearly present the benefits of the service or product – especially if the price in the offer is higher than that of the competitor?
  • … combine virtual with on-site communication in such a smart way that customers react positively amazed? Effective seminars take away the shyness of the digital communication keyboard and train the confident handling of it.

Through sales training, sales seminars and accompanying coaching with a methodical approach, I activate in my participants the desire to win in sales! As a sales coach, I also provide one-on-one coaching for salespeople, sales leaders and corporate leaders to develop their skills. You will not find standard training courses, “info showers” and seminar events “off the peg” at Team Kober. Each sales coaching or sales training is individually and concretely tailored to the respective situation in the practice of each participant, regardless of whether the event takes place on-site as a face-to-face training or digitally via video conference.

The training and coaching sessions are supplemented by video conferencing. In this way, I achieve that a high proportion of the knowledge imparted in the training is implemented in the everyday life of the sales employees and managers. In addition, participants learn how to make winning online presentations in B2B sales in order to convince customers virtually as well.

Winning new customers is a joy – when salespeople learn clear, honest, and immediately applicable methods to truly amaze customers. All seminars are individually tailored to your sales strategy in order to achieve measurable results in a shorter time. The results are always: higher inner drive in the team, the number of deals increases, with a concomitant increase in turnover and earnings. Increasing sales efficiency ultimately also increases profits, because sales costs decrease in relation to turnover.

STAKKATO stands for ...

ST: Clear strategy and vision

AK: Activate through the story

KAT: Craft out ouf training aus Training

O: Organization

What my customers & the press say

Christian Roß, Sales Manager Germany, Ruthmann GmbH & Co. KG

"Take clear announcements, fiery sales impulses, a wacky delivery style and a breeze of madness. Kober is a joy to listen to and makes a tremendous difference."

Die 99 besten Wirtschaftsbücher

"In this respect, Stephan Kober's book is indeed a liberating blow: it shows that sales can also be done differently. sympathetic, human, pleasant and honest.

A really good book that I wish many readers from the sales environment!"


"He knows what he's talking about when it comes to fire and cheering teams on and rallying them to a goal."

Dr. Rudolf Konwitschny

"Kober activates - the slogan is also program in his lectures. The content has been very useful to me."

Dr. Wojtek Dziechciejewski, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

"Stephan Kober is my ambassador of fascination for sales."

"His talk is a guaranteed key experience for discovering new sales channels!"

Arno Kalbus, Vertriebsleiter, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

"Kober's presentations are bringing about a mind shift, a paradigm shift in sales and throughout the company."

Wieland Zürner

"Finally, a lecture that not only inspires, but actually activates proverbially. Thank you!"

Very well-founded knowledge is imparted, coupled with Westphalian humor and plain-speaking statements. An advanced training that was a lot of fun, brings a high benefit with it and offers an absolutely good price-performance ratio! Highly recommended!

    The book for the training program

    This book is the companion reading to the sales training program.

    Many stories and parallels from everyday life in the fire service describe how sales teams enjoy their work more and thus create the basis for activating sales performance.

    You will learn how to use the STAKKATO model …

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    Kober in action

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    About Stephan Kober

    As a keynote speaker,author and trainer, I advocate greater efficiency in sales and more joy in selling. My customers are companies that use it to secure market leadership and increase revenues by amazing customers.

    I lecture internationally, train employees and managers in sales of medium-sized companies, global market leaders as well as Tec Dax companies and am a silver award winner of the European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching 2015/2016 (BDVT).
    As a business administrator (VWA), I earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Surrey.

    At the same time, I am active in the volunteer fire department, usually in the position of “attack squad leader”. My customers, listeners and readers feel that: What I extinguish voluntarily, I ignite in sales:Fire!

    Join several hundred high-profile subscribers to my "Brandbrief for the sales department" to

    Fiery ideas for your sales every four weeks

    Who am I right for?

    Klartext helps in collaboration – whether as a book author, speaker or sales coach. You can find the people I inspire with my books, lectures and trainings on the left side. You will find the ones that I bring into “thinking ahead” by provocative statements on the right side of the page.

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