Stephan Kober

Our customers book us again and again – they know why.

Customer testimonials

“Every sales manager who wants to move his team forward in terms of motivation, quality and results should let Stephan Kober activate him.”

“It pulls you along and activates you in the truest sense of the word. He and his team use a modular program to teach proven and new digital tools for high-quality, success-oriented sales work. The combination of tools is ideal.

The methodology is characterized by high interaction. Through active task setting
the transfer of knowledge is ensured in the long term.

Choosing this training from “Kober Activates” is very valuable for our company.”

“Stephan Kober brings everything the customer expects from an excellent sales trainer: his own sales experience from practice, crystal-clear analysis, convincing didactics and stirring rhetoric: highly recommended!”

“With your lively and entertaining guest lecture “Fire and Flame for Sales”, you “ignited” the participants of the EUROBAUSTOFF Conference 2023 in Frankfurt.”

“With your practical and amusing examples from private, professional and fire department everyday life, you aroused enthusiasm and passion for sales and selling.

We all went home inspired.”

“Coaches like you want them to be!!!
In my life, I’ve had the privilege of taking some training related to customer acquisition, how to deal with customers, how to be self-reflective, and what are the most important topics in a conversation.”

“What I have been able to experience here has surpassed anything that has gone before.
“>Mr. Kober is responsive to the people, activates to participate and reassures with highly interesting training methods that everyone has also understood everything.

,,Mr. Kober, please activate more and more people!”

“Stephan Kober has internalized sales and his trainings are an asset to anyone who is in contact with people.”

“If you get two participants to sit in the car for 500km as early as 06:30 in the morning, just so they don’t miss any (online!) seminar units, you’ve probably said it all. Top content mix, excellent practical relevance.”

“Kober activates – the slogan is also program in his lectures. The content has been very useful to me.”

“Plain speaking in sales means dispensing with truisms such as “the customer is our focus.” The focus is on people? That’s what the cannibals were thinking!”

  • Stephan Kober

  • Birgit Ladwig
    Head of Analytical, Bioanalytical and Laboratory Technology

  • German Industry Association for Optics, Photonics, Analytical and Medical Technology

“Our members were thrilled with the motivating and inspiring presentation and want to put the suggestions into action right away!”

“Sales come from converting!”

  • Stephan Kober

“Take clear announcements, fiery sales impulses, a wacky delivery style and a breeze of madness. Kober is a joy to listen to and makes a tremendous difference.”

“He showed me how much joy distribution can bring.”

  • Tim Renk
    Director Sales

“We had a successful sales training with the entire sales force. There are helpful tips for everyone to customize sales.”

“Most importantly, getting out of your usual comfort zone and trying new things, right on the customer’s site.” I can say that it costs a lot of effort – but the success speaks for itself! I can absolutely recommend Stephan Kober’s training!”

“Stephan Kober’s book is indeed a liberating blow in this respect: it shows that distribution can also be done differently. Namely sympathetic, human, pleasant and honest. A really good book that I wish many readers from the sales environment!”

“In negotiations, as long as you are in contact with the customer, the customer wants something from you!”

  • Stephan Kober

“Anyone who manages to keep the suspense going for the entire duration of the training – and for an online event at that – can rightfully say they know their stuff.”

“Stephan is an excellent trainer and has personally taken me to the next level in terms of “digital sales techniques”.”

  • Holger Wecke
    Product Manager

“I successfully completed a sales training course with Mr. Kober. Very practical and hands-on. No “Chaka, we can do this” mentality, but absolutely focused on the individual and their skills and the task of sales.”

“Plus the right dose of humor and a great understanding of the challenges in sales, also through my own experience. I can wholeheartedly recommend this training and only urge every salesperson to contact Stephan!”

“His talk is a guaranteed key experience for discovering new sales channels!”

  • Matthias Lux
    Sales Director

“Super guy, great topics & mindset just highly recommended and always happy to come back.”

“Anyone who thinks you can convince customers via emailed, lengthy PDF quotes also thinks Capri Sun must have something to do with renewable energy!”

  • Stephan Kober
  • Axel Strohbach
    Head of Sales

“Highly recommended trainer, honest, knowledgeable and goes where it hurts.”

“The customer is not primarily interested in what the product or solution can do – but what it can do for him”

  • Stephan Kober
  • Felix Rieboldt
    Sales Engineer

“Stephan Kober’s sales training is absolutely recommendable. I had two multi-day trainings (I think 2 x 6 days), which were very entertaining and motivated me a lot for the daily sales routine.”

“Even for the unloved cold calling, he gave us tools. He always used examples from his own sales experience in relation to our current burning issues. It was especially important to him that there is not THE ONE salesperson, but that different personality profiles can have great success. He has regularly backed this up with neuroscience research findings and has been responsive to each individual participant. In terms of personality, I could hardly be more different from him and yet I was always fully involved and felt understood. The most important thing of all: through his training, I am constantly paying attention in everyday life to what is important to the customer and why it is important (or to my own wife, or to other interlocutors, or at all). Sounds banal, but is far too often forgotten. If you have the chance, you should go for it.”

“Knowing what you give 100% effort to in sales makes all the difference. Fire and flame for sales!”

  • Stephan Kober
  • Philipp Bertz

“Great seminar with lots of input which is packaged in an entertaining and informative way – thumbs up!”

  • Kai Ziegler

    Authorized signatory

“Super training, ideal combination of theory and practice. Will definitely not be the last training.”

  • Sebastian Reucker
    Brand Management

“Great training experience that I still benefit from today. You take away many practical tricks and tips that help you in a variety of situations. Absolutely recommended.”

“Top structured sales training that covers all facets optimally. In any case, you get good, additional tools for sales. Absolutely recommended.”

“If you can’t quantify and present the benefits of your service live in the customer meeting, you shouldn’t be surprised to end up being reduced to price again”

  • Stephan Kober

  • Sarawut Kuenzl
    Business Development Manager

“Great sales training by an honest sales person and sales trainer. I had a lot of fun and learned some great tools for my sales-related activities. Thank you, Stephan!”


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