How do I anchor my message in the customer’s mind?

When customer decision-makers are asked at the end of a workday what they remember about today, your message needs to be there.

Then you’ve managed to stand out from the competition, make a difference, break patterns.

Researchers at the University of Texas addressed the issue in a study.

Core insight: the right combination of asynchronous (feedback is not given in real time, e.g. e-mail or video) and synchronous (feedback is given in real time, e.g. telephone or video conference) means of communication gets core messages (e.g. of your offer) across more effectively to the recipient.

The customer can remember it better. If the customer recognizes this in the message, it is also to the point – and not encapsulated in countless PowerPoint pages:

  1. that he was understood correctly,
  2. that the solution fits his requirement, perhaps even exceeds it,
  3. what it costs,
  4. what it brings him concretely,

then the probability that the customer will choose this provider increases enormously.

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