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Kober's incendiary letter

Fiery ideas for your sales every four weeks.

Several hundred outstanding personalities in B2B sales already read a new impulse every four weeks that helps them get ahead – will you soon too?

Kobers Brandbrief für den Vertrieb delivers fiery ideas for your sales force once a month – free of charge and still with scientifically based food for thought to extend your lead in sales.

The fire letter is without “chakka” attitude, but brings new, effective methods and case studies.

No marketing phrases!

“The fire letter is written specifically for company and sales managers. You will learn how …

That's what it gets you:

You will receive …

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And there’s the following bonus: If you register now, you can get the link to the blog post “Vertriebstagung: A waste of time or an atmosphere of optimism? There you will find impulses (infographic & video) for an activating sales conference.

See for yourself.

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About me

As a keynote speaker,author and trainer, I advocate greater efficiency in sales and more joy in selling. My customers are companies that use it to secure market leadership and increase revenues by amazing customers.

I lecture internationally, train employees and managers in sales of medium-sized companies, global market leaders as well as Tec Dax companies and am a silver award winner of the European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching 2015/2016 (BDVT).
As a business administrator (VWA), I earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Surrey.

At the same time, I am active in the volunteer fire department, usually in the position of “attack squad leader”. My customers, listeners and readers feel that: What I extinguish voluntarily, I ignite in sales: fire!