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Stephan Kober

Sales Keynote Speaker | Book Author | Trainer

An activated audience: for sure.

About me

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My presentations: Impulse speeches sales & distribution

Fire and flame for hybrid distribution

The video of the lecture

Duration: optional 45-90 minutes

The paradigm shift in business customer communication: keeping the "connection" to the customer - digital and analogue

The video of the lecture

Duration: optional 45-90 minutes

Plain text in sales

The video of the lecture

Duration: optional 45-90 minutes

Reasons why people book me

Birgit Ladwig, Leiterin Analysen-, Bio- und Labortechnik, SPECTARIS - Deutscher Industrieverband für Optik, Photonik, Analysen- und Medizintechnik

"Our members were thrilled with the motivating and inspiring presentation and want to put the suggestions into action right away!"

Christian Roß, Vertriebsleiter Deutschland, Ruthmann GmbH / Co. KG

"Take clear announcements, fiery sales impulses, a wacky delivery style and a breeze of madness. Kober is a joy to listen to and makes a tremendous difference."

Dr. Rudolf Konwitschny

"Kober activates - the slogan is also program in his lectures. The content has been very useful to me."

Heike Tscherwinka, Geschäftsführerin, Europäischer Verband Lifestyle

"Attendees at our annual meeting asked me where we located this top-notch speaker!"

Die 99 besten Wirtschaftsbücher

"In this respect, Stephan Kober's book is indeed a liberating blow: it shows that sales can also be done differently. sympathetic, human, pleasant and honest.

A really good book that I wish many readers from the sales environment!"

"His talk is a guaranteed key experience for discovering new sales channels!"

Dr. Wojtek Dziechciejewski, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH

"Stephan Kober is my ambassador of fascination for sales."

Arno Kalbus, Vertriebsleiter, Pfeiffer Vacuum GmbH (TecDax)

"Kober's presentations are bringing about a mind shift, a paradigm shift in sales and throughout the company."

Andreas Kerschl, Geschäftsführer, Hellwegmanager GmbH

"Kober's exceptional presentations captivate and ignite enthusiasm."

Daniel Beermann, Geschäftsführer Wirtschaftsjunioren, Paderborn Höxter

"He manages to captivate the audience from the first second."

Wieland Zürner

"Finally, a lecture that not only inspires, but actually activates proverbially. Thank you!"

Peter Staudt, Gebietsleiter NRW, Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW)

"Gripping and rousing, as a speaker he shows practical ways to become the sales No. 1 in the market in his presentations."

    Keynote formats

    The classic impulse lecture: Live and “on site”. Duration: 45-90 minutes

    A short impulse via common video conferencing software. Duration: 15-20 minutes

    The keynote speech will be integrated into the event via video link.

    A live impulse lecture is streamed online – the term currently establishing itself for this is the “hybrid event”. Duration as for the classic.

    For all online variants, we use a specially equipped film or video studio, depending on the event format and the size of the group of participants.

    Everything at a glance: My "Speaker's Portfolio

    Speaker's portfolio

    Speaker folder as online catalog

    Send speaker's portfolio free of charge

    Book trailer "Fire and flame"

    Kober in action

    Book trailer "Plaintext in sales"

    Fire and flame for sales - the book

    Transfer the passion of firefighters in action to your sales!

    In this book you will read decisive impulses to develop highest attraction for the most interesting customers and top sellers in your industry.

    You will learn how to use the STAKKATO model …

    For maximum implementation of the impulses from the lecture: The Kober aktiwirkt conversion turbo (KaU)

    With the “Kober aktiwirkt conversion turbo”, you can achieve an even higher degree of effectiveness for your event.

    The impulses from the lecture are implemented more efficiently and quickly through interactive communication, even after the event.

    This has a positive impact on the effectiveness and reputation of your event.

    In the end, the goal is to further strengthen the joy of selling through an activating presentation for salespeople and their leadership. A good speaker succeeds in making the audience trust what he or she “gets across.” Because motivation comes from within – among other things, by asking yourself the right questions. This is what my lectures and also the “implementation turbo” stimulate.

    Simply indicate “KaU” when requesting the lecture.

    "Sales is the critical area of any business. It's where the customer decides whether your company is ailing, mediocre or authoritative."

    About Stephan Kober

    As a multiple award-winning keynote speaker, author and trainer, I advocate for greater efficiency and more joy in sales. My clients are congress organizers, medium-sized companies, world market leaders as well as TecDAX companies.

    I write books, give lectures, train employees as well as managers in sales and am a silver award winner of the European Award for Training, Consulting and Coaching 2015/2016 (BDVT).
    As a business graduate (VWA), I obtained the title “Master of Business Administration” at the University of Surrey.

    In two decades, I have experienced all the ups and downs of positions from sales representative to manager with responsibility for nine-figure sales. All of this now culminates in scientifically sound and at the same time field-tested ways to activate “sales power” and win customers honestly.

    In my spare time, I am active in the volunteer fire department in the position of “attack squad leader”. My listeners and readers feel that: What I extinguish voluntarily, I ignite on stage and in sales: Fire!

    My definition: "What is a Keynote Speaker?"

    If ...

    then ...

    Join several hundred high-profile subscribers to my "Brandbrief for the sales department" to

    Fiery ideas for your sales every four weeks

    Who am I right for?

    Klartext helps in collaboration – whether as an author, speaker or trainer. Those I inspire with my books, lectures and trainings tend to be on the left. You will find the ones that I bring into “thinking ahead” by provocative statements on the right side of the page.