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Crucial knowledge for sales brought to the point

My books are published by Springer Gabler Verlag
Feuer und Flamme im Vertrieb

Fire and flame for sales

The book for company leaders, sales managers and those who want to become one. Experience how to transfer the passion of firefighters in the field to B2B sales.

Klartext im Vertrieb

Plain text in sales

“Klartext im Vertrieb” interests people who want to replace common phrases and platitudes with unambiguous communication in order to amaze customers and competitors. Immerse yourself in a new world of B2B sales communication!

Digitalisierung im B2B Vertrieb

Digitalisation in B2B sales

This book offers you a condensed overview of the rapid development and possible applications of digital tools in B2B sales.

Umsatz kommt von Umsetzen

Turnover comes from conversion

This book describes nine cardinal mistakes in B2B sales and concrete ways sales teams can turn showstoppers into revenue opportunities.

Fire and flame for distribution

How to develop goals that your team burns for

The video about the book

Light a fire in sales!

In this book, I decipher the “happiness code” of firefighters. With this I show you how to

You will learn how to use the new STAKKATO concept to

Excerpt from the table of contents

  1. From high in the sky to low in the grave
  2. Happiness and fulfilment in sales
    1. What is happiness?
    2. Why the old leadership methods have had their day
    3. Why leaders need to set the happiness pulse
    4. How to recognise and specifically use the (sales) power of character strengths
    5. How “flow” is created in sales
    6. “Why”: The question of meaning
    7. How the distribution power chain works
  3. STAKKATO for fire in sales – the what, why and how
    1. ST: Strong strategy instead of blind actionism
    2. AK: Activate through stories about the future instead of “Death by PowerPoint”.
    3. KAT: Strength from training instead of “they want to but can’t”.
    4. O: Organisation – functioning instead of hyperventilating
  4. And now you come!

Published press reports and articles about the book

Plaintext im Vertrieb

How to build trust and win customers with disarming honesty

“Stephan Kober’s book is indeed a liberating blow in this respect: it shows that distribution can also be done differently. Namely sympathetic, human, pleasant and honest. A really good book that I wish many readers from the sales environment!”

What awaits you

This book is the liberating blow in customer communication: no more empty words, euphemisms, lies and one-sided positive portrayals, instead honesty that immediately creates trust and positively amazes customers.

Because selling is often associated with psychological tricks, and the distrust among customers is correspondingly high.

Here you will learn how to use the power of clear words to take your customer relationships to a new level and increase sales by eliminating soft phrases and replacing them with honest statements.

You learn to assess your counterpart as best you can in terms of truthfulness in order to quickly decide how much honesty is appropriate in the respective situation – as a sales manager, salesperson and private person.

Companies can also increase their attractiveness as an employer for the best (sales) talents in this way. With clear practical examples, formulation suggestions, concrete tips – and a pinch of humour.

“This clever book helps everyone to communicate truthfully with customers, business partners, in short: other people, and to speak plainly in order to build trust.” –

The video about the book

Excerpt from the table of contents

0. why I wrote this book and you should read it

  1. The artillery of lies: How often are you lied to?
  2. Aura, charisma, attraction: the disarming power of clear words
  3. The TRUE principle: Target, Respect, Unconventional, Emotion

    1. Target: Clarity about your goals
    2. Respect: Pick up your conversation partner where he or she stands
    3. Unconventional: leave the path of banter
    4. Emotion: Showing your intention openly brings emotion into play
  4. TRUE principle and medallion principle in practice test
  5. Disarmingly honest plain speaking in the business world – and the limits of truth
  6. Department senseless: The lie manual – Ten rules so that no one trusts you anymore over the way

The recording of the live online reading of the book can be found here:

In the podcast you can hear the foreword of "Klartext im Vertrieb".

Digitalization in B2B sales

Improving results with digital tools – impulses for decision-making and implementation

What awaits you

This book offers you a condensed overview of the rapid development and possible applications of digital tools in B2B sales. You will read why it is not only an option but an obligation for virtual pioneers in sales to give digitization top priority and why “analog anachronists” will have a hard time surviving in the market in the future.

You will learn what concrete added value is created for you and your customers when digital options are combined in a well thought-out manner and how a digital sales mission statement can help you in this process. The pragmatic approaches to selecting and implementing the relevant digital technologies help you quickly find your way through the digital thicket of providers and solutions. You will also learn how sales and marketing can be effectively interlinked.

In a practical manner, the usual obstacles to internal implementation are presented and pragmatic solutions are outlined. You’ll read about what to consider and what to avoid at all costs to achieve implementation efficiently and cost-effectively.

The content

The video about the book

Excerpt from the table of contents

  1. Digitization is inevitable
  2. Digital opportunities in sales

    1. Dovetailing sales and marketing
    2. Tracking down interested customers
    3. Use of customized videos
    4. Professional virtual meetings
  3. The CRM system
  4. Digital customer communication
  5. Further training opportunities and self-management
  6. Back to the future: what’s next and how to make it happen
  7. Recommendations for the selection of technology
  8. The most important in a few sentences

Turnover comes from conversion

How to extend your lead in B2B sales and avoid nine cardinal mistakes

Umsatz kommt von Umsetzen

What awaits you

This book describes nine cardinal mistakes in B2B sales and specific ways sales teams can turn showstoppers into revenue opportunities.

The reality in companies often shows: Where leaders and a clear sales strategy would be necessary, everyday life is determined by administrative mentality and disagreement on the way. Decisions take too long and the wrong people are in key positions.

But how can sales teams unleash implementation power when competence wrangling and a lack of clarity are the order of the day?

Stories from real sales life

Using real-life stories, I share insights into the causes and implications of the biggest revenue killers in B2B and offer concrete recommendations on how you can remedy the situation for your team. You’ll learn how to drive decisions more effectively and inspire an appetite for change to achieve better results for yourself, your team and the business.

Read how you can reward yourself and your team with more sales and satisfaction through spirited action. From the contents – Nine cardinal mistakes in B2B sales that you can well do without.

The content

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